Credi 100 is the easiliest option to manage the credit control operation for Financial Companies in General; that requiring credit management.  Through this system you´ll obtain valuable information about credit, funds, etc. 

This software is divided into different modules which will provide a personalized follow-up to the prospects from the moment we register them. The modules are: 

  • Promotion module.
  • Credit Module.
  • Revenue module.
  • Treasury module.


  • Credit 100 adapts in full to the needs of your credit union, savings bank or lending institution.
  • Have control of the anchoring operation.
  • Calculation of various types of interest (ordinary, accrued, moratorium).
  • Payment control.
  • Relationship between passive and active transactions.
  • It is a multi-company and multimoneda system.
  • It has a totally secure access control for each user.
  • Your equipment requirements are minimal

The set of modules include activities such as contract generation, specific financial conditions, insurance management and suppliers. These activities are combined to offer a configurable tool for any type of lease for vehicles, real estate, machines, equipment, etc. 


  •  Corporative presentation. 
  • Multi-company and Multimoneda. 
  • Electronic messaging of reports. 
  • Minimum staffing requirements. 
  • Security at five levels.

With factor 100 we bring the best financial factoring software with which we can take full control of financial factoring operations.
With the electronic factoring module are processed automatically:
Electronic discounts (NAFIN).
Financing to orders.
Electronic portfolio management to suppliers.

Thanks to the best technology we offer you the factoring software with the power you require for your current and future operation, contemplating all types of factoring, mechanics of interest calculation, total control of the operation, financial, accounting, operational and executive information , Internet applications, information requirements to the authorities (CNBV, BANXICO, BURÓ DE CRÉDITO).

Corporative presentation.
Multi-company and Multimoneda.
Electronic messaging of reports.
Minimum staffing requirements.
Five levels security